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Simplify Your IT Environment with In-Memory Data Platform – SAP HANA


Transferring systems such as SAP CRM, SAP ERP or SAP SCM to SAP HANA offers manifold improvement of the efficiency of solutions and helps obtain thousand-fold acceleration. It is also possible to process data in real-time in localizations where, so far, due to efficiency, activities were carried out in the background. Mobiato Consulting offers possibilities of migration to SAP HANA as well as SAP HANA implementation.


As of introducing the SAP HANA database technique, SAP offers a range of new administration tools, whose main objective is to ease the work of administrators responsible for maintaining the system and ensuring the top level of data security. At, Mobiato Consulting, our team of administrators delivers SAP HANA services in all the areas connected with the administration of the SAP HANA database, paying particular attention to data safety.

Data Modeling

SAP HANA platform covers a set of advanced tools, enabling the creation of data structures based on their business purpose. Informative views created through such tools allow for the effective use of the potential of in-memory data processing, affecting the quickness and simplicity of creating reports by end-users.


SAP HANA software solutions are based on a technology different from the majority of currently available databases. But using it may take place according to similar rules through SQL. Applications using MS Excel query format may also be combined with this solution. SAP HANA also provides a set of libraries, BFL and PAL, supporting data processing and instantly presenting them in the form of analyses.


The constant increase in volumes of data is a real challenge for organizations and stretches their IT systems to the limit. Besides, specialist departments are always demanding for new applications. Given the competitive nature of digitization, organizations want to benchmark their distribution channels in real-time and at the same time to be able to quickly submit personalized offers to customers. SAP HANA is the solution to all this. SAP HANA is an innovative and intelligent solution based on in-memory processing that helps you harness your data’s power. Working only in the operational memory, this technology provides new possibilities for data collection and analysis.

Mobiato Consulting SAP HANA services have a team of experienced professionals who ensure the effective implementation of advanced analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We offer SAP HANA services such as implementation, migration to the cloud, and integration. Work with us to develop and rapidly deploy new SAP HANA solutions that match your business needs. Our services portfolio includes everything from enterprise-wide strategy definition to Proof of Concept (PoC), and business case preparation. We also execute core program activities such as planning, infrastructure management, and support.

Strategic Consultation

Business Benefits

Efficiency & Scalability

SAP HANA platform guarantees the processing of voluminous data easily and in combination with the Hadoop environment ensures access to Big Data solutions. The main advantage SAP HANA offers is, it enables you to do several transactions using a single app and with just a few clicks and screen fill out can be customized to get enhanced user experience.

Optimum Data Management

SAP HANA cloud services greatly reduce operation monitoring costs, thus helping in avoiding data delays. Through SAP HANA implementation an organization can directly report from its ERP databases. SAP HANA enables you to make quicker decisions through enhanced visibility.


SAP HANA platform brings immense simplification to the management and administration of the IT landscape. It enables you to control hardware and network resources, serving as a digital core of business process simplification by harnessing the power of its HANA in-memory database. Eliminating aggregate tables, reducing processing time, and the ease with which your systems can respond to transactions and queries, ensure that you can spend your efforts on growing your business.

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