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Let’s make merchandising, retail audit, and mystery shopping better along with push sales

Merchandising app lets you manage as well as organize your workforce better. With the help of this app, you will be able to create a checklist and surveys for all the representatives. Let the representatives have peace of mind while dealing with tons of customers and communicate better.

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Merchandsiing Product

Organize workflow better

With merchandising app, your representatives will be in better shape to manage their day better. Once the representative logs in, he will get immediate information on the number of outlets he needs to visit and likewise plan for his day.

Smart and quick surveys

Merchandising app lets you check for relevant data and use it to analyse smart surveys. Use this survey to change your game plan and take immediate action.

Check weekly schedule

Your staff will be able to use this app and look for their weekly task and schedule promptly. Be quick and effective with your work plan and ensure to provide better customer service experience and retain them.

Real-time data collection

Get real-time data collection from the field representatives and take effective action accordingly.

Great features

Automatic report generation

Get automatic report generation to see how everything is going and what needs to be changed in the operation in order to provide better service.

Manage stocks easily

Merchandising app lets you visit the nearest store easily who needs refilling of stock. Know where to go and what needs to be done and get the job done effectively.

Easy multiple client management

Merchandising app will allow you to channel your day’s work effectively. Open the app, quickly check your week’s schedule and engage with multiple clients effortlessly.

Checklist creation

Merchandising app lets you create your very own checklist and surveys and let your representatives quickly answer all the questions effectively. Let the app communicate the daily or weekly’s task right on their mobile phones.

Merchandsiing Product

Integration With Major ERP's


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How we can help?

Merchandsiing Product

The bespoke merchandising app solution

We are here to help you with your merchandising operations. Get to know the real-time data through our smart surveys and take appropriate action

Save more time

We help you to save your time. Send weekly work data to your representatives effectively without manually planning for it.

Easy to use application

We build easy to navigate and use merchandising app. Just get it and start using it. Take pictures to update it. It comes with automatic report generation, bulk import and export, scoring of visits, and more benefits.

It is time to change the way you have been managing your workforce with our merchandising app. Get actionable data in real-time and get full control over the data gathered through your representatives in order to take your business to greater heights.

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