Field Force Management

Take control over sales force automation

Field Force Management software is designed for companies whose representatives are repeatedly on the move. Get robust software for your company which will let you dispatch the right candidate all the time for the right job. With field force management, you can easily tackle delays and budget issues.

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Easily book order dispatch tasks

When you get the right field force management software, you let all the employees of your business know about the placement of new orders as well as booking. Through this software, your sales executives can now take orders and instantly dispatch orders too.

Increase efficiency

When you get field force management software, you increase the productivity of your operations team. Every job and task that needs to be done is dispatched on their mobile device. This way your employees reach the assigned site on time, they know what are the tools and parts required for the job, what needs to be done, and more.

Make better decisions

Yes, field force management will help you communicate as well as collaborate with your team, subordinates, and the bosses efficiently. Operation managers can take a look and review everyday work and figure out ways to embrace best practices to improve their operating procedures.

Happy employees, better performance

Now your team will not waste time on manual panning for the day. This means that every detail will be sent out on their mobile phone and according to The Economist Shows employees who receive a full-proof plan on their handset on the go are way more productive than those who lose precious hours planning for the day at the office. Since your employees will be happy, they will certainly perform well.

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Great Features

Easy to navigate and route planning

Our FFM software is easy to navigate. The person using it will see all the tasks sent to him easily on the device and the map inside will show him the best possible route as well. This way, the representative will be able to schedule his first visit to last easily.

Real-time jo assignment

Now, assign real-time job assignments to every field representative without wasting any valuable time. The moment they receive the task; they will be able to get into action right away. Everything can be done with only a few clicks.

Automated sales process

Save paper and let field force management handle everything automatically. FFM will eliminate lengthy and boring manual work.

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Provide optimum client satisfaction

Field force management application leaves no room for manual work. Once the task or the job is completed, let the representative take a customer’s signature digitally. It will be saved on the app and most importantly, the user can also save crucial data too

Track location and time

Check which representative is at what location and assign them the closest job accordingly. Also, this app will let you check if the work is done effectively.

Get statistics and reports

Get quick and instant reports of each completed task. Not just this you can also view the statistics too whenever you want to.

Integration With Major ERP's


Mobile app design

How we can help?

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Improved sales performance

Our field force management software can help you boost sales. We have designed an app which will let you do more than sales. This app will let you make smart decisions.

Tailormade field force management app

Our application is flexible and ready to be customized as well. We understand that different business has different needs and that’s we are here to provide you with the best tailor-made solutions.

Quick and effective

With just a few clicks you can easily assign new work, make changes in the work, and check the progress of the work easily. Our app is easy to use.

If you are still assigning tasks manually to all your field representatives, then it’s time to shift to a field force management software. Get in touch with us today to know more.

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