Asset Tracking

Time to easily track your assets anytime and anywhere

Asset tracking software lets you track all your physical assets whenever you want and wherever you want. This software is for every company which has a large inventory and they need to monitor it all the time to ensure its safety.

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Scan all the equipment at one go

Asset tracking makes it easy to scan, check, and review all the assets easily and quickly. Just scan the barcode whenever you want to. It doesn’t matter if you are at work or at some other place. No need to use pen and paper. Simply check it online.

Never lose an asset, keep a track on them

Now with an asset tracking tool, you will never lose a single asset. Our asset tracking app will become the eagle’s eye to monitor all the assets and locate their position with just a few clicks. Just open the app and your job is done!

Audit trials made easy

Auditing is a huge part of your business and it is crucial for your business to never miss a single point during an audit. Asset tracking will let you have an overview of all the assets easily, making it easy for you to conduct audit trails, whenever and wherever you want to.

Never-ending feature

Easy asset tracking

Just scan the barcode and get going. No need to check your diary to locate your assets.

Easy equipment booking

Let your employees’ book for equipment on the go. No more spreadsheets and paperwork. If you need to make changes in the booking, that can be done easily on our app too.

Easy assets reporting

Our app lets you create reports for all your assets and equipment easily. Just one check and get hold of the statistics.

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Easy auditing

It’s time to make auditing easy. No more back and forth work. No more manual work.

Quick asset maintenance

See which equipment needs maintenance and servicing. This app will let you schedule for maintenance and servicing easily.

Look for recurring problems

Our asset tracking doesn’t only help you keep an eye on the assets, but it also helps you identify recurring problems of assets too. Spot the problem at an early stage and fix it.

Integration With Major ERP's


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How do we help?

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Easy to navigate

We want the asset tracking users to have an interactive asset tracking process and that’s why we create easy to use asset tracking tools all the time.

Unlimited usage

Our cloud-based platform lets you check all the assets no matter how many you have.

Easy configuration

Our asset tracking software doesn’t need any extra networking infrastructure. Get it, use it, and start monitoring. That’s all!

Bespoke customer service

We care for our customers and are always there for you. You can call us or email us. We are here to help.

It is time to get smarter with our asset tracking tool. Now, never lose track of any of your asset every again. Call us today to know more about asset tracing.

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