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Merchandising Application

Merchandising Application For Businesses

Why Choose Us?

For a business to make sales, its products and services should be visible and displayed appealingly. Mobiato Merchandising App equips you to effectively manage and monitor all retail execution activities easily.

Manage What’s Happening in Stores

Collect photos of displays, assign merchandising tasks, monitor the progress of your team’s day-to-day duties, and see the results.

Map your Customers

Display all your customer stores on a map and leverage visual aids to differentiate between them using criteria such as revenue tiers, business status, and debt level.

Assign Activities

Assign the activities to be performed by your merchandisers at the store at the scheduled time. Their tablet and smartphone calendars will be updated immediately.

Drag to Schedule

Mobiato Mobile Merchandising makes scheduling fun. It allows managers to drag the stores from the map to the calendar for immediate in-store visit scheduling and publish the schedule to your field reps’ calendars.

In-store Data Collection

Easily capture information about new product introductions, customer satisfaction, point of sale advertising, competition, and visit reports via structured, configurable mobile forms and surveys.

Picture Taking

Take pictures of product displays and tag them with account and geo-location giving operation managers the ability to monitor a location’s compliance with shelf display planograms.

Stock Taking

Mobiato Merchandising App enables field reps to quickly take stock of merchandise, optimize shelf space, ensure there are no stock-outs, and make recommendations for a refill so that retailers never run low on best-selling items.

Order Taking

Mobiato is a modern merchandising solution that equips your reps to go beyond traditional merchandising activities like quickly and easily take orders at the store, collect outstanding debts, and capture electronic proof of all sales transactions performed.

Structured Auditing

Mobiato Merchandising App allows merchandisers to quickly capture audit information for product pricing, planograms, compliance with promotional plans, and more.

Field Collaboration

Field reps can view visit and activity reports performed by teammates that visited the same customer to ensure full visibility of customer interactions.

Real-Time Visibility

Mobiato Merchandising App allows you to see what your merchandisers see by easily accessing and reporting on in-store visual merchandising activities, photos taken, and issues raised.


Our Mobile App

Merchandisers perform consistent retail visits to help consumer packaged goods companies stay competitive by ensuring that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock. Apart from this, merchandising operations need to make sure that retail campaigns are implemented consistently and successfully and the Mobiato Merchandising App can help businesses achieve just that.

Mobiatio is an all-in-one merchandising solution that helps brands control merchandising and collect business data. The Mobiato Merchandising App gives you easy access to all merchandising and sales data and tools required to perform in-store activities.

Equip your field merchandisers with an easy-to-use, powerful tool

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Take Control of In-Store Performance and Manage Your Frontline On the Go

How We Help

Mobiato Merchandising App helps you effectively manage and organize your workforce better. With the help of this app, you will be able to manage retail execution activities as well as configure in-store retail audits and capture data in the field. Mobiato also enables you to create a checklist and surveys for all the representatives.

Organize Workflow Better – With merchandising app, your representatives will be in better shape to manage their day better. Once the representative logs in, he will get immediate information on the number of outlets he needs to visit and likewise plan for his day.

Smart and Quick Surveys – Merchandising app lets you check for relevant data and use it to analyze smart surveys. Use this survey to change your game plan and take immediate action.

Check Weekly Schedule – Your staff will be able to use this app and look for their weekly tasks and schedule promptly. Be quick and effective with your work plan and ensure to provide better customer service experience and retain them.

Real-Time Data Collection –Get real-time data collection from the field representatives and take effective action accordingly.

Save More Time – We help you to save your time. Send weekly work data to your representatives effectively without manually planning for it.

Easy To Use – Mobiato merchandising app is easy to navigate and use. Just get it and start using it. It comes with automatic report generation, bulk import and export, scoring of visits, and more benefits.


The Bespoke Merchandising App Solution

We are here to help you with your merchandising operations. Get to know the real-time data through our smart surveys and take appropriate action.


Best Features

Mobiato Merchandising App makes it possible to close the gap between your company’s retail goals and your merchandising activities in the field. It’s never been this easy to evaluate retail patterns and trends, optimize in-store promotions and ensure compliance with your overall merchandising strategy.

Here are some of our best features :

Automatic Report Generation

Get automatic report generation to see how everything is going and what needs to be changed in the operation to provide better service.

Manage Stocks Easily

Merchandising app lets you visit the nearest store easily who needs refilling of stock. Know where to go and what needs to be done and get the job done effectively.

Easy Multiple Client Management

Merchandising app will allow you to channel your day’s work effectively. Open the app, quickly check your week’s schedule and engage with multiple clients effortlessly.

Checklist Creation

Merchandising app lets you create your very own checklist and surveys and let your representatives quickly answer all the questions effectively. Let the app communicate the daily or weekly tasks right on their mobile phones.

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